Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hump Day Vinyl: Alice Cooper

This is me back in form following a week that included a 12 hour workday, so I completely understand the significance of my own hump day institution. I would love to add some more local music commentary, maybe even garner an extra reader or two, but this is about the only silly writing habit for which I have the time now. Still, this week is a fun one.

I first heard "Clones (We're All)" on the Smashing Pumpkins box set
The Aeroplane Flies High. Its anthemic, boot-stopping gait made the song instantly appealing. I knew it was a cover and its feel had so much in common with the glitter of someone like Slade or T-Rex that I never would have guessed it to be first committed to tape by someone like Alice Cooper. That's right, Alice Cooper had a new wave phase and it was called Flush the Fashion, though this track was written by someone other than Alice. My friend Mr. Perkins did a little research on the songwriter and even dug up two additional covers for me, by Bile and Penal Colony. The one below is the Alice Cooper original. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hump Day Vinyl: Dion

Finally, I'm uploading a hump day vinyl on the appropriate day. This week's edition comes from the same spiral-patterned box of 45s given to me by a friend. Dion was one of my childhood favorites. Before I was buying my own tapes and CDs, I mostly listened to my Mom's copy of "Oldies but Goodies." I distinctly remember a lip-synched performance of "Runaround Sue" in our living room with my mom as audience. The version of Dion on this Jimi Hendrix cover is much more subdued than his early hits: a lackadaisical half flower child, half crooner backed by a flute riff. Surprisingly, Dion's cover feels much more like an acid trip than Hendrix's original. Enjoy, you're work week is 3/5ths over and we only have three more months of summer in Dallas.