Monday, July 19, 2010

Soma: Acronyphobia

I can't tell you how harshly "doma" hits my ears. Still, the Observer is the standard in organizing local music, however haphazardly. I attended the showcase. Deep Ellum looked very alive. It is what all of us wanted. What we failed to remember is that douchebag ratios remain constant regardless of size. In fact, public spectacles tend to increase the ratio. I don't know why Damaged Goods$ allowed the white tool academy near the stage without giving them their due insult. I only know that it ruined the show.

Spector 45 rocks like a motherfucker, a word whose versatility Frankie fully embraces. He covered "Fulsom Prison Blues" and I've heard him play his own twist on "Deep Ellum Blues." Spector 45 is folk by habit if not by sound.

Fox and the Bird played a packed LaGrange, which is not difficult to pack, but I'm happy for my friends. Walked off the stage and into the crowd for the last number. Most hushed-up and listened and that is like a real miracle.

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