Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Almost everything escapes my attention

I barely caught onto this one. Apparently, Dallas' own Red Monroe is releasing a remix of Policia!Policia! by various and, I think, mostly local artists and it comes out today. No word yet on how to obtain it--the purchase link on Red Monroe's Myspace sends you nowhere--but get a load of this lineup.

DJ Stephen R
Smile Smile
Wanz Dover
The Hourly Radio
Jay Wadley

I'll let you know when and where to get it. For now, you can munch on one of the transmogrifications that didn't make the cut. I got this one from the guys over at Stereo on Strike and its ripe for aural mastication. A word of warning: what you'll be downloading is a zipped up .wav file weighing in at a whopping 47 MB. But if I can do it, so can you. If you're really so strapped for space, give it at least one good listen and delete it.

Sundown Shade (The Frenz Bumpin the Bonham Mix)

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stephen r. said...

Hey, thanks for the re-post and link. Nice blog you got here...